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Excellent Indian black tea Assam NAZARETH FTGFOP1 is a large-leaved bayh tea of the highest grade, collected from young tea leaves and a large number of tea buds (so—called tips), twisted along the entire length. The abbreviation FTGFOP1 stands for Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1 - black bayh tea of the highest quality with a high content of golden tips. Tea with such an abbreviation is rightfully considered a unique and expensive tea. Tea is grown on a tea plantation in the famous tea state of Assam, which was founded in 1836. A dry leaf of medium size, dark brown, with a high content of golden tips. The dry brew has a bright floral aroma with fruity notes. A transparent infusion of amber color, with a fruity malt aroma. The taste is rich, bright, with deep malt notes and a pleasant aftertaste. This amazing tea has absorbed the best qualities of Chubwa FTGFOP1 teas, Mangalam FTGFOP1, and many other tea standards from the northern plantations of Assam. It is strong, with a wide bouquet of taste and a long malt aftertaste. It should be drunk within 20-25 minutes after it is ready. After cooling, the tea loses its excellent taste. Brew in a glass teapot made of fireproof glass and only filtered clean water. The excessive presence of impurities of various salts in the water does not allow the true aroma and taste of tea to be revealed. The secret of brewing any tea rests on three pillars.  These are: - 1) a glass teapot made of fire-resistant glass (which, when brewed, can be slightly "brought" over an open fire).  2)- purified filtered water (e.g. bottled). 3) - a properly selected brew for your taste (namely tea). And when brewing, as desired and possible, you need to add a calm, even state of mind. Remember the good moments of your life, smile, wish well to your family, friends and just to all people. Imagine how beautiful and picturesque are the slopes of the Brahmaputra River, on which this amazing tea has been growing for more than 150 years, which you will now drink.

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FTGFOP (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe)

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